About us


Salim International, with head offices in The Netherlands, supplies quality food products worldwide.

In order to always offer the very best solutions based on the needs and specifications of our customers, we are constantly looking for interesting business opportunities. To meet customers’ needs, we have a dynamic, well-experienced team that stands out due to a strong personal approach, great customer service and thinking along with our customer on how to improve their competitiveness.

Our worldwide network and our ability to do business in several different languages such as Arabic, Greek, English and Dutch are of great value for both our buyers and suppliers. Our main goal is to match the right products with our customers, however, we are always looking to further expand our scope of business by exploring new markets and developing into new overseas business.


If our customers are happy, so are we. If we can create trust and satisfied customers, we have reached our goal. And if we fall short to live up to your expectations, please let us know so that we can improve.


Are you interested in introducing your own brand to your local market? Or are you interested in purchasing products with your existing label? For most products we offer a private label option.


All our manufacturers use modern shipping lines and have the know-how to ship your goods safely and accurately to many countries all over the world.