Please find our current selection of offers below. These offers are valid until 30th of April 2016. All prices are FOB. Origin of all products is EU, unless otherwise stated. All prices are subject to final confirmation.
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UHT Milk 3,5%
0,52 EUR per carton (1 liter)
Evaporated milk full cream 7,5%
320 and 410 gram cans
From 20,68 EUR per carton (48 cans)
Fruit juice drinks various flavours
Tetra-Slim 1 liter with screw cap
From 6,09 EUR per carton (12 liters)
Canned fruit juice
Various flavours
5,15 EUR per tray (24 cans)

Tuna chunks Skipjack LM (Malaysia)
In vegetable oil 150/160/185 gram cans
From 25,15 EUR/carton (48 cans)
Sunflower oil & corn oil (Malaysia/EU)
Prices upon request

Dutch Gouda cheese 48%
15 kg blocks, 2,09 EUR/kg

Dutch Edam cheese 40%
15 kg blocks, 2,12 EUR/kg
Skimmed milk powder 1% extra grade
25 kg bags, 1,69 EUR/kg
Full cream milk powder 26% extra grade
25 kg bags, 2,16 EUR/kg
Sweet whey powder
25 kg bags, 0,65 EUR/kg