• UHT Milk

    UHT Milk

    Salim International only supplies UHT milk with the highest quality standards from major production sites in Germany and Poland. Fresh…

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  • Canned Milk

    Canned Milk

    Salim International supplies evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk made from Europe’s premium quality cow’s milk. Our manufacturers are based…

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  • Canned Food

    Canned Food

    Salim International’s range of fine quality canned tuna chunks, flakes and solids includes mixtures of vegetable oil, olive oil, brine,…

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  • Oil & Butter

    Oil & Butter

    Sunflower oil, corn oil and olive oil are vegetable oils commonly used in cooking as a frying oils. Butter, made…

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  • Fruit Juice

    Fruit Juice

    Salim International offers top quality fruit juices manufactured with ultra modern production technology and an excellent price to quality ratio.…

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  • Cheeses


    Holland is well-known for its cheeses. Our Gouda and Edam cheeses are famous known all over the world. Hundreds of…

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